NEER North
52 Ash Street, West Newbury, MA 01985

Sadie – Adopted!

Current assessment and status: New arrival – under evaluation for manners and soundness

Sadie is sweet, quiet, and quickly becoming a barn favorite because of her personality. She can be a little flighty but is currently sound ,gated, WTC, confident in the barn, and is a dream on cross ties.  Sadie has not been ridden for quite some  time, she is rusty and tense. She had a bit of a spook when ridden in the field alone but didn’t go anywhere, she can be forward and buddy sour.  Some miles and confidence would go a long way. 

She is polite and quiet in her stall and while being led. She is certainly beautiful too!  She is getting more comfortable in the grooming area and enjoys being groomed.  She seems a bit wary when asked to do groundwork (all we have done with her so far) – like she is expecting to maybe even be hit.  I wouldn’t say she is headshy, just  cocks her head a bit and gets a concerned eye. 

Sadie’s history states that she had soundness issues in the past with a bout of laminitis.