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In Kind Donations

NEER North welcomes non-cash gifts of goods and/or services for donated goods.

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Please complete the form linked below and attach to your donations from the list below. The donor is responsible for establishing a fair value on the goods donated.

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SUPPORT OUR TACK SHOP by Donating gently used and clean items such as:

  • Barn supplies – supplements, fly spray, etc.
  • Equestrian breeches and clothing, including riding boots (tall and paddock)
  • English and Western saddles, tack and equipment
  • Blankets, sheets, fly sheets
  • Gently Used Tack Equipment


  • Fence posts and fencing
  • Sand for the round pen
  • Stone dust – 2 yards
  • Electrical utilities – $225/month
  • Round pen panel gates (pin type) – $125 each
  • Round pen walk through gates
  • Water Heater – 15 gallon


  • Gas card
  • Lowes or Home Depot Card
  • Staples – Office Supplies Card
  • VistaPrint Gift Certificate
  • Porta-Potty – $100/month


  • Spring Shots – $120/month
  • Teeth – Annual Teeth Float $120/horse
  • Sponsor a Stall – $100/month
  • Sponsor Feed/Hay for a Horse
    • $120/month
    • $720/six months
    • $1,440/year
  • Feed Store Card – Essex County Co-Op or Tractor Supply
  • Veterinarian Gift Card –  Black Brook Veterinary Services LLC  or Amesbury Animal Hospital  
  • Valley Vet Certificate (Prescription Meds)


  • Run-In Shed – $2,500
  • Foundation Repairs – $20,000
  • Bathroom for the barn
  • Sand Arena – Helps keep horses fit and it’s to valuate lameness with good footing