NEER North
52 Ash Street, West Newbury, MA 01985

Place Your Horse for Adoption

Asking for help can be difficult. We may be able to help. NEER offers assistance in a variety of ways:


NEER North Feed FundMilo and Chocolatte

The purpose of the Feed Fund is to provide temporary assistance to New England horse owners facing financial hardship feeding their horses. Apply here.

Place Your Horse for Adoption on Our Website

NEER North offers free advertising space to owners who want to place their horses free-of-charge to a good home. This is not a space for horses for sale. Send photos, details about the horse (age, sex, breed, height, if they are rideable, Coggins, health or behavioral issues), horse location and your contact information to: [email protected]. All communication with potential homes will be directed to you. NEER North assumes no responsibility for the placement of your horse.

Before placing your horse, do your due diligence. Ask potential adopters questions to make sure its a good match for your horse. Ask for, and check, references. Do a site check or get photos of where the horse will be living. We strongly advise using a contract. Consider first right of refusal in your contract. Remember there are people out there who value horses by the pound. If you cared enough about your horse to find him a good home, take the time to make sure it really is. Finally, go by instinct. If you have a gut feeling that it isn’t right, don’t do it. Have patience and wait for the right person for your horse.

Find more tips on: Rehoming Your Horse.

Surrender Your Horse to NEER

Surrendering your horse to a rescue should be your LAST resort.

NEER NORTH ONLY CONSIDERS HORSES IN URGENT NEED, WHOSE OWNERS HAVE NO OTHER OPTIONS FOR REHOMING THEM AND CANNOT KEEP THEM. We do not accept horses that owners wish to surrender to us for other reasons, such as retirement, to replace with more advanced or younger horse, or to avoid euthanasia.

**Submitting a request form does not guarantee placement of your equine with NEER.**