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Local Horses Needing Homes

NEER North offers free advertising space to owners who want to make their horses available free-of-charge to a good home. Please note the following:

  • The horses listed below are not NEER North horses and are not covered by the NEER North contract.
  • NEER North is not responsible for the information provided by the owners of these horses.
  • This is not a space to advertise horses for sale.
  • Listings will be updated every six months.

Please do not contact NEER North regarding these horses. Contact the owners directly for more information.


Listed 11/03/19

Ruby is a 14 Yr Old former lesson pony who has some jumping experience. She is quick and strong so requires a a confident rider but gets quieter when worked regularly.

Contact Olana at 978-821-1411 


Assassin or "Sass"

Listed 10/24/19

Assassin “Sass” is a 3yr old filly, she was sold to me as possibly an appendix horse but breed is not confirmed. Should mature right around 15hds, gorgeous Bay mare with just the right amount of chrome, she is a typical mare! She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body but her mare stare will make you think otherwise, I got her with the intention of using her for western dressage but since I got her (at 3 weeks old, she was a nurse mare foal) my jobs and personal situation have changed and for the past year I haven’t had any time to work with her and her good behavior is regressing, I did Saddle break her at 2yrs old and do put it on her occasionally to make sure I still can and although she gets nervous she always lets me, hates her back feet picked but won’t kick, just pulls away, loves to be groomed and pampered! Needs to be properly introduced to herd mates due to her nurse mare upbringing she never had a mom or pasturemates to teach her what’s acceptable and what’s not so she tends to be very anxious and awkward, she has only been trailered 3 times in her life and got on no problem each time. She is up to date on farrier and shots and just needs someone who can put the work and time into bringing her up correctly which is not me. I’m not looking to sell her, looking to place her in the right situation only! I currently have her mini companion and would consider trading her for another small pony or mini to keep him company when she goes.

Contact Paula at [email protected]  or call or text me at 413-205-9222 



Listed 8/13/19

Bella is a 16 yr 16 hand registered quarter horse mare she has great manners good for farrier vet she has had her shots she does have navicular but with proper shoeing can be ridden lightly intermediate rider will be gifted to a good home

If interested please contact Betsy Coleman at  508-737-6813


Mr. Macho Pine

Listed 6/30/19

Looking for a home for Mr. Macho Pine, 15.3 hands, 21 yr old bay, gelded quarter horse with former competitive reining experience.  He was retired from competition at age 11, and has been mainly trail ridden until 3 years ago when he started showing signs of arthritis in his joints. No medicine required as yet. I have let my 5 year old grandson ride him on a lead line occassionally since, so Macho shows promise as a children’s lesson or therapeutic lesson horse. He is very gentle and kind with children.  Behaviorally he is spook free, but hates mud and may act out if forced into deep mud, and he cribs so wears a cribbing collar. He is in a herd with 2 mares and is subservient. He loves people and gives great kisses.  Up to date with shots but is allergic to West Nile.  Currently not shod. 

My contact information is:
Scotty Marshall 

Nikki and Lucky

Listed 6/03/19
Nikki and Lucky – two thoroughbred geldings, 2008 and 2009. They are brothers and must go as a pair. Looking to be adopted into a loving home, with a right of first refusal contract. Both are about 16 hands, sound and healthy, will stand well for vet and farrier. Both have not been ridden in a little over a year, because the owner was away at school, so they will need an advanced rider and some initial attention to get back under saddle. Both are trained on trails, English/bareback. 
Nikki: Sweet disposition. A bit of a rascal, in a lovable way. Always exploring, and a quick learner. Loves being touched, and playing games. Leads well, stands well, and is very patient. In the ring: Works best with a confident rider. Knows voice commands: “walk,” “trot,” “slow trot,” “canter,” “slow down,” “stop,” Is used to being talked to while ridden. LOVES to jump, but isn’t hugely experienced. Nikki is a little ADHD, and sometimes needs to be reminded to focus. Works very hard to do what he’s asked. Has a very soft face, and needs soft contact. Is great in a halter or bitless bridle, once the rider is comfortable with him. Since his initial training was on the track, he likes to go fast, and sometimes needs to be reminded to keep a consistent pace. Responds well to a hunters seat. Lucky: Very sweet temperament. Curious and thoughtful. Highly intuitive, and a quick learner. Loves conversations, meditating, and music. Stands well, leads well, and is patient. Works best with a confident rider. Enthusiastic, loves to work with his rider as a team. Knows voice commands: “walk,” “trot,” “slow trot,” “canter,” “slow down,” “stop. ” He’s used to being talked to while ridden. Thoughtful and intuitive; great at anticipating next move and working with his rider to perform tasks. Very sweet and loving, but needs to feel he is respected, and can respect his rider. Has a strong face, and needs good rein contact. Since his initial training was on the track, he likes to go fast, and sometimes needs to be reminded to keep a consistent pace. He is extremely tolerant of being climbed on – is great for practicing balance tricks with the rider, like around the world, laying down, etc. 
Located in Litchfield, CT. Please contact Kay Winter at 860 921 7678 or [email protected]


Listed 5/26/19

Keiko is a very sweet 2004 unraced thoroughbred mare standing 15.3. She is looking for a home as a companion due to development of kissing spine that has put an end to her fruitful career as an eventer. Her temperament is such that she continued to try and work as best she could despite her condition.

She is a very quiet girl in the stable and pasture, easy keeper, turns out easily with other horses and loves to be groomed on the cross ties. She has no bad habits and can be handled by a novice.  She is not herd bound and could make a great friend for your horse at home who goes to work in the ring or trail. She would also keep a retired friend happy or babysit youngsters. Keiko is up to date on shots, coggins, dental etc and is great for vet, farrier, dental and trailering.

Contact Paige for more info:  [email protected]

Bon Bon & Candy

Listed 3/20/2019
Name: Bon Bon (Pinto)  Breed: Unknown  Gender: Female  Height at withers: 12 hands  Coloration: Light brown and white  Age: 30 years old  Behavior Notes: Easy going, well socialized  Health Notes: Well cared for, cannot be ridden due to age.  Good with: People, other horses, dogs, cats

Name: Candy  Breed: Unknown  Gender: Female  Height at withers: 13 hands  Coloration: Dark brown  Age: 30 years old  Behavior Notes: Easy going, well socialized  Health Notes: Well cared for, cannot be ridden due to age.  Good with: People, other horses, dogs, cats

Contact Sarah at –  [email protected]

JC & Trae

Listed 2/4/2019
JC is 31 years old, still in good shape, quarter horse gelding, 15.3, no behaviors no special needs, does not like being locked in a stall, free roams in and out, rides Western. My granddaughter rides him just with halter and two leads and bareback.
The second photo is Trae, 30 yr old quarter-morgan cross, 15.3, rides western and English. Also no behaviors, very bouncy. Loves his stall. Funny personality, loves to lick people.
If interested please email : Elizabeth at [email protected]


Listed 1/25/2018

I have been caring for and placing a herd of horses from a breeding farm dispersal for the past two years. 

Amanda is a grey, 11h, ASPC mare who is 23 years old. Eva is a black pinto, 10h ASPC mare who is 16 years old. 

Amanda has been ridden and driven but I don’t believe she should be. She has some hock issues on the right side and suffered a significant uterine prolapse with her last pregnancy. I do have some questions about possible melanoma because she is lopsided when you look at her head on but it may also just be uneven muscling from being pregnant so many years of her life. I have not had any ultrasounds done. Her hock issues have improved over the past year. The only thing I have done is move her from a grain based diet to a hay based diet with a little ration balancer and 24/7 turnout unless there is bad weather. 

Amanda gets along with everyone and is typically out on grass with hay last summer without exhibiting any symptoms of founder (no heat in feet, no fever).

She does not have a current Coggins and needs to be updated on her vaccinations. She is located in Westport, Maine.

Please contact Amy at [email protected] for more information.