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Local Horses Needing Homes

NEER North offers free advertising space to owners who want to make their horses available free-of-charge to a good home. Please note the following:

  • The horses listed below are not NEER North horses and are not covered by the NEER North contract.
  • NEER North is not responsible for the information provided by the owners of these horses.
  • This is not a space to advertise horses for sale.
  • Listings will be updated every six months.

Please do not contact NEER North regarding these horses. Contact the owners directly for more information.

JC & Trae

Listed 2/4/2019
JC is 31 years old, still in good shape, quarter horse gelding, 15.3, no behaviors no special needs, does not like being locked in a stall, free roams in and out, rides Western. My granddaughter rides him just with halter and two leads and bareback.
The second photo is Trae, 30 yr old quarter-morgan cross, 15.3, rides western and English. Also no behaviors, very bouncy. Loves his stall. Funny personality, loves to lick people.
If interested please email : Elizabeth at







Listed 1/23/2019
Kaydee is a 16.3h AQHA. she is buckskin in color. 19years old. Was western pleasure trained. Has been out of work for 8 years. Just used lightly as a trail horse. Very easy keeper. Would prefer field with run in versus a stall in a barn.  She was born in South Carolina and relocated to north Carolina 8years ago and then December of 2017 we relocated to Massachusetts. She has adapted amazingly to the weather.  She loves being pampered and loved on. 

She does have some not so amazing qualities. She is a very ALPHA mare. Needs to be alone or with a super submissive horse or pony.  She has had some soundness issues for about 8 years. Which is why she came out of work to the retirement lifestyle. We have done xrays and with corrective shoeing she can be sound for work. I have just used her for the ocasional walking trail. 
She is beginner safe and very trust worthy. Would be great as a lawn ornament or even possibly in a therapeutic program. 
Located in fitchburg Ma. Need her placed ASAP
If interested please email : Samantha at






Rushing Doe

Listed 1/2/2019

We are looking for a good home for a our 14 yo thoroughbred who has been a broodmare for us for several years.  We no longer want to breed her. We do not have any history on her ridability but she has a submissive disposition and know she would be a great companion horse.       

She is 15.2, an easy keeper, in excellent health,up to date on vaccines, floating and has a recent negative coggins.
  If interested, please email Robin at





Listed 12/20/2018

She was a FREE horse and after seeing her in her situation we wanted to bring her home regardless of a vet check. She ended up having navicular. After X-rays upon coming to our home this news was determined. We did corrective shoeing and pain meds with good relief but not good enough. We had a neurectomy at ocean state equine which was very successful. I am hoping to rehome her as a walk, trot, alpha mare. Does well in own paddock. She requires front shoes and wants a leader to make her feel confident and loved. She can get pushy but once reminded with your voice that you are in charge she gets right back in line. I have pics to accompany and we are in Methuen, Mass. Ginger is 18 years old and is a registered quarter horse. About 15’1 HH

Please email Dawn at or (978) 771-4815




Listed 9/9/2018

She is a 15 year old OTTB mare, 15.2hh, and rideable with no known health issues other than ulcers that were treated. She has done everything from cow sorting, barrel racing, Western Dressage, jumping, trail ridden, etc. She has an incredible work ethic. I would say she is suited for an advanced rider, she has speed and can get hot. I have worked along side a trainer for several years, she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body but needs someone understanding and with experience. I have put beginner camp kids on her before and did not have an issue.

Please email Samantha at


Listed 7/19/2018

Looking to re-home my 2 mares. They are both 26 years young and they must go together. The “black” one is Shaylee. She has been trained in dressage, rides western and english. She was shown by her previous owner. She requires an experienced rider. She is a thoroughbred with no health issues. It’s been a couple of years since she has been ridden as my spine no longer allows me to enjoy them.

The “chestnut” is Josey. She is good for a beginners horse. She is a bit bow legged in the back and she has sway back as she was used strictly as a brood mare for years and years and had 10 babies…so there is some arthritis there in her hips, but she is good with light trail riding. I give her a half a scoop of bute 2 or 3 times a week and she is good to go. She is neck reigned, she will ride western or bare back. She listens very well so good for beginners or younger riders.

They will come with feed buckets, water trough, electric fencing (if needed), leads, lunge line, any tack I have…and I can send them with enough hay for the next 30 days…as I will no longer need any of this stuff. Unable to keep them as I have spinal issues that don’t allow me to ride and they are literally just in their horse pen all day every day bored to death. Would love someone to LOVE THEM <3 Pls PM me if interested. Serious inquiries only. (Located in Rumney, NH)

Please e-mail Jennifer at   


Listed 5/28/2018

We adopted Sweetie and Magic three years ago from Nevins Farm. They have been together for a long time and must go together. We are giving them up because my husband and I are in our 70s and can no longer care for them properly.

Sweetie is a roan appaloosa mare, 22 years old, 13 hands. She was ridden in her first home by a boy who died, which is why she was given up at that time. I was taking riding lessons on her as well. She is a sweet pony, very friendly and easily handled. Sweetie, unfortunately, has Cushings Disease, and takes medication for it: Prascend (pergolide) tablets which she easily takes in a little hay extender mash.

Magic is a chestnut gelding, 18 years old, 11.1 hands. He has never been ridden and is skittish. A young and skillful rider with a lot of patience to teach an old horse new tricks might work. He cannot be cross-tied, but stands well on a single tie and the farrier has not had difficulty with him, nor has my vet. Once caught he is calm. Magic, unfortunately, has chronic founder, which means he cannot be on grain or pasture. He has not been lame since we took him off grain and pasture, shortly after we adopted him.

We maintain both ponies on hay alone. They have a large pen in the barn with direct access to a large dry lot. They are savvy to our electric fence, and although their paddock is surrounded by grass, they have never attempted to break out. They are located in Tyngsboro. U.D.T. on all shots, worming, and their feet are trimmed every 6 weeks.

Please email



Jazzie is a 30-35 year old grey Appaloosa gelding I need to find home for, around 15 hh.  He is a good boy with lots of personality, and is liked by everyone including other horses, especially mares. He has issues with his hind end and is no longer rideable; he also has Cushings, so is on previcox and prascend daily. Jazzie rolls without difficulty and canters around the paddock. He is presently a companion horse.

Please contact Annette at


Listed 2/21/2018

Take Me Away “Tommy” is a lovable, goofy 16-hand 2009 Appendix QH gelding looking for a new, lighter workload in a therapy/horsemanship program or as a companion. Tommy is desensitized to animals, kids, kites, toys, strollers, wheelchairs, roads, bridges…etc. He is great in the woods alone or with others. He is easy to handle in hand (and loves going for long walks – he will lead at a walk and trot from either side). He accepts sidewalkers, assisted mounts, and he loads, clips, bathes and stands for the vet/farrier. I have trailered him on several occasions to the Pappas Rehabilitation Center for Children (the former Mass Hospital School in Canton, MA), where I instruct lessons, and hr has been exposed to all of our toys/sensory items, in addition to our Hoyer lift. Sadly, we don’t have the space for him to join our horsemanship program there at this time, otherwise it would be an easy decision to have him go there! He is an inquisitive type with a puppy dog personality, and would excel with children or adults in ground work and horsemanship programs. He is also great being led for walk/trot lessons (and responds well in a halter with clip-on reins, or a snaffle). 

Tommy is currently best suited for regular walk and light W/T work, either under saddle or in hand, due scar tissue in his left hind leg. The scar tissue will not worsen with time; in fact, it could be removed for return to full WTC work with PRP and shockwave therapy. He is not under any restrictions in turnout, nor does he require any special maintenance other than a grazing muzzle if he’s turned out on grass (he is insulin resistant = easy keeper!). He is low in the pecking order and is a great babysitter/companion for other horses and farm animals, as well. He’s currently on first cut hay, no grain. and wears front shoes only. He does fine in 24/7 turnout alone or with others, or being stalled at night. 

Tommy adores all people and animals and would love to make you smile when he sticks out his tongue (which is often!). UTD on all shots & Coggins, worming, teeth and feet.

Located in Mansfield, MA. For more information please write to


Listed 1/25/2018

I have been caring for and placing a herd of horses from a breeding farm dispersal for the past two years. Amanda and Eva are two of the older mares who I would really like to be able to stay together. 

Amanda is a grey, 11h, ASPC mare who is 23 years old. Eva is a black pinto, 10h ASPC mare who is 16 years old. 

Amanda has been ridden and driven but I don’t believe she should be. She has some hock issues on the right side and suffered a significant uterine prolapse with her last pregnancy. I do have some questions about possible melanoma because she is lopsided when you look at her head on but it may also just be uneven muscling from being pregnant so many years of her life. I have not had any ultrasounds done. Her hock issues have improved over the past year. The only thing I have done is move her from a grain based diet to a hay based diet with a little ration balancer and 24/7 turnout unless there is bad weather. 

Eva has only ever been a broodmare. I have put a saddle on her and she did not object so she may have potential to be lightly used for pony rides. She was very lame when she arrived and I considered humane euthanasia. She does have a history of Lyme and I believe she foundered at some point. We had the vet do x-rays of all four feet and determined that there was no active/recent laminitis and only very minor rotation of the coffin bone in one hoof. The hoof with the minor rotation was just about folded over on itself from not being trimmed so she was walking on the side of her hoof rather than the sole. Corrective trimming since last summer has rendered her sound, walking on her soles, with occasional hock stiffness that I think is to be expected given how unnaturally she was forced to walk for so long and being constantly bred from 3 years old until just two years ago. 

These two mares have bonded and look for each other when the other has been out of sight for a while. No panic, just happy to be with each other. Amanda gets along with everyone. Eva can be protective of food toward other horses. She swings her butt and kicks if another horse that isn’t Amanda or a couple other favorites comes up behind and is too close to her face when she’s eating. She is also on a hay only diet. Both were out on grass with hay last summer and neither exhibited any symptoms of founder (no heat in feet, no fever).

Both girls do not have a current Coggins and both need to be updated on their vaccinations. Both are located in Westport, Maine.

Please contact Amy at for more information.


Listed 9/25/2017

Trigger and Frasier are quarter horse geldings. Trigger is a dark bay, 15 hands and approx. 21 years old. He is very affectionate. He rides both english and western but has not been ridden in a few years so would need to be reworked.  He is sound and up to date on all vaccines. 

Frasier is chestnut,16 hands and rides both English and Western.  He does have navicular however it has not progressed in the 7 years I have had this horse.  I ride him lightly due to the navicular, he would make a good beginner horse for a child due to this.  He is  up to date with vaccines. 

Both horses stay on the property and have no contact with other horses so I have not done a coggins test, they had one years ago when boarded and were fine. 

Trigger and Frasier are in Milton VT. Please contact Donna at 802.578.6315    

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