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Local Horses Needing Homes

NEER North offers free advertising space to owners who want to make their horses available free-of-charge to a good home. Please note the following:

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  • NEER North is not responsible for the information provided by the owners of these horses.
  • This is not a space to advertise horses for sale.
  • Listings will be updated every six months.

Please do not contact NEER North regarding these horses. Contact the owners directly for more information.

Autumn & Pumpkin

Listed 8/29/23

We are looking for a loving forever home for these 2 very gentle Haflinger Mares.

Autumn is 16 years old that has been trained to ride and drive. She is 13.1 hands and very sweet. She can be a little nervous but settles down quickly and can be ridden by an advanced beginner. She has mild allergic reactions to flies that bother her in the summer.We use Equispot in spring and summer to help with allergies.

Pumpkin is 19 years old and 13.1 hands. She has been just been diagnosed with arthritis in her left rear hock. She very sweet and gentle and would make a great companion horse or can be used for light riding. We use her to give our grand kids rides.

The girls have been together most of their lives so we would like them to go together.

Contact: Steve [email protected]


Listed 7/12/23

Corelli is a 20 yr old 14.3  Haflinger Mare trained to drive.

She has Cushings but medication has kept her sound.
She is easy to handle, great for the farrier and vet and trailers fine.  
She is an easy keeper but needs to be on a dry lot because of the Cushings.
Corelli will come with  12 corral panels,  2 gates and electric fencing but no charger for her dry lot. Also, 3 months worth of pergolide for her Cushings and half of whatever hay we have in the shed. Her  Biothane harness and Pioneer forecart  are for sale for a reasonable price.  Also, please note that we are in Tamworth , NH.  She is barefoot and has never had shoes but I  have gotten boots for her if she is driven on hardtop roads.
We need to find a new home for her because of our health and a probable move in the near future.
Contact: Hope Requardt at [email protected]


Listed 7/12/23
Gorgeous, gentle, excellent ground manners, pasture sound gelding, but should not be ridden due to old injury.  Was showing at fourth level, training at Prix St. George, before retirement several years ago.  With same owner since he was 4 years old. Sadly, owner (who is getting older herself!) can no longer afford to keep him as a companion horse for his old friend.  All shots and vaccines up-to-date.  Pasture sound. Doesn’t go anywhere, so no Coggins, but will happily provide one to new owner.  
Horse is in Cheshire, CT.  Owner, Anne Gallant, can be reached at:
Come meet this beautiful, gentle giant.


Listed 6/30/23
Willow is a Clydesdale/QH draft cross 

I have owned her for 23 years. I got her as a yearling and I only ever road her on trails. 
She is not sound to ride, she has cushings and arthritis. 
She has been a good companion horse in the past. 
She has been in her own paddock for a few years now,  but next to other horses 
Contact Christopher: text or call 802-451-9975


Listed 6/27/23
Looking for a new loving home for this guy he will only go to the right approved home Deckarific aka Deck is an older but definitely young at heart Big,Stocky 16 hand AQHA Gelding. He’s an Awesome Light Trail/Companion low key guy. He’s a fun cool guy to have around the barn and to hang out with he’s one of a kind loves to be doted on this guy is a character! He does still enjoy some light light work and he loves hitting the trails. He’s currently ridden english and has a western background but would need a refresher If to be ridden western again it’s been a while for him. Even though he’s older in age you never would even guess it how he acts or looks you would think he’s more in his teens he does not show his age. If to be ridden he’s a more forward strong mover and has big strides to him he’s also sensitive to aids he likes a quiet rider with light quiet hands and legs he does require a Strong Confident Intermediate rider he’s not a Beginner horse at all or for young riders undersaddle he can be testy and know who he can take a advantage of with less riding experience. Deck has no vices and awesome for Vet/Farrier etc hes a very healthy guy for his age I’ve never had any problems or issues with him in the years I’ve had him. He has been put on Equioxx pills just since he’s older and it helps him with any stiffness and helps his joints he will do better if kept on it. I will definitely not let him go to any lesson programs/Multiple Riders he doesn’t have the lesson horse attitude and never has been one and likes to bond with his rider. Looking for him to go to a good loving forever home only to live out his life and relax this guys got many good years left. He will only go to a great approved home I will not let him go to just anyone just looking for a low key loving home for him ideally for him a backyard barn type he does not do well in big barns with a lot of commotion. Pictures of barn and place he will be going are required.This guy does everything you ask of him he has a heart of gold. Come take a look at him he’s a must see in person pics don’t do this handsome guy justice ! Unfortunately Financial issues forces new home on this guy.
Please Email Kirstin for any further info at [email protected] Thanks !
*Serious Serious Inquiries Only due to the fact he’s located at a private owned backyard house barn in Wrentham,Ma 


Listed 6/25/22

Luna is an OTTB and about 18 years old.  She is a very sweet and friendly mare with a good disposition and very lovable.  She would make a good companion horse and can be lightly ridden. She does prefer trail riding over ring riding and is not spooky. I ride at the walk and trot.  She is forward on the trails but does take direction.

She was diagnosed with kissing spine last summer. With therapy and keeping her fit allows her to be lightly ridden.  She had a mesotherapy treatment done last summer and it had good results and she could use another to make her more comfortable when being ridden.  She is barefoot but would require front shoes or boots when being ridden.  I use boots and she does well in them

She is good with the vet and farrier and is up to date on her basic shots, rabies and coggins.  She has no vices and no health issues.  Her teeth will need to be done in September.
Contact Melissa at [email protected]



Listed 5/29/22

This is Levi. He is a 15hh and I was told he was a graded QH but has a mustang brand on his neck. He is 15/ gelding, barefoot and super easy to care for. The vet recently told me that he has heaves but works well and doesn’t seem to have any issues with light riding. He is super sweet, does well with other horses. He respects the electric fence but does get a little spooked when he gets to close to it. He loves attention!! I have ridden him a few times and he has absolutely no bad behaviors with a rider in saddle. I am a dead beginner but wouldn’t recommend him for that he was so patient but needs training as he didn’t seem to know all the time what I was asking. (that could also be because I am asking wrong) does well on the lunge line when asked to work but does not like the lunge whip. He will do whatever you ask without it. He likes to be out 24/7 doesn’t like the blanket but will appease you and wear it. Lives on hay and vitamin pellets. I do give him Benadryl twice a day for the pollen. I really want this guy to be loved because he is the sweetest boy.  

Inquires email Kimberly at [email protected]



Listed 4/25/22

Chandler is a handsome older qh gelding looking for a nice barn to spend his retirement. He is a great companion horse and gets along with everybody, horse or otherwise. You will be won over by his sweet nature and impeccable manners!!
He has advanced ringbone in a front foot and takes equioxx each day to stay comfortable. Chandler has been an amazing family horse for us for 10 years and we are hoping to find a barn where he can have well earned, relaxing turnout and lots of love!

Inquires email Tessa: [email protected] or call: 979-701-4343