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Local Horses Needing Homes

NEER North offers free advertising space to owners who want to make their horses available free-of-charge to a good home. Please note the following:

  • The horses listed below are not NEER North horses and are not covered by the NEER North contract.
  • NEER North is not responsible for the information provided by the owners of these horses.
  • This is not a space to advertise horses for sale.
  • Listings will be updated every six months.

Please do not contact NEER North regarding these horses. Contact the owners directly for more information.


Listed 6/25/22

Luna is an OTTB and about 18 years old.  She is a very sweet and friendly mare with a good disposition and very lovable.  She would make a good companion horse and can be lightly ridden. She does prefer trail riding over ring riding and is not spooky. I ride at the walk and trot.  She is forward on the trails but does take direction.

She was diagnosed with kissing spine last summer. With therapy and keeping her fit allows her to be lightly ridden.  She had a mesotherapy treatment done last summer and it had good results and she could use another to make her more comfortable when being ridden.  She is barefoot but would require front shoes or boots when being ridden.  I use boots and she does well in them

She is good with the vet and farrier and is up to date on her basic shots, rabies and coggins.  She has no vices and no health issues.  Her teeth will need to be done in September.
Contact Melissa at [email protected]



Listed 5/29/22

This is Levi. He is a 15hh and I was told he was a graded QH but has a mustang brand on his neck. He is 15/ gelding, barefoot and super easy to care for. The vet recently told me that he has heaves but works well and doesn’t seem to have any issues with light riding. He is super sweet, does well with other horses. He respects the electric fence but does get a little spooked when he gets to close to it. He loves attention!! I have ridden him a few times and he has absolutely no bad behaviors with a rider in saddle. I am a dead beginner but wouldn’t recommend him for that he was so patient but needs training as he didn’t seem to know all the time what I was asking. (that could also be because I am asking wrong) does well on the lunge line when asked to work but does not like the lunge whip. He will do whatever you ask without it. He likes to be out 24/7 doesn’t like the blanket but will appease you and wear it. Lives on hay and vitamin pellets. I do give him Benadryl twice a day for the pollen. I really want this guy to be loved because he is the sweetest boy.  

Inquires email Kimberly at [email protected]



Listed 4/25/22

Chandler is a handsome older qh gelding looking for a nice barn to spend his retirement. He is a great companion horse and gets along with everybody, horse or otherwise. You will be won over by his sweet nature and impeccable manners!!
He has advanced ringbone in a front foot and takes equioxx each day to stay comfortable. Chandler has been an amazing family horse for us for 10 years and we are hoping to find a barn where he can have well earned, relaxing turnout and lots of love!

Inquires email Tessa: [email protected] or call: 979-701-4343



Listed 06/08/21

Bennie is about 15.3 hh and 8 years old. He is on the lazy side for a young tb and would prefer a life of trail riding, but is sound enough to do some small jumps here and there. He doesn’t need to be ridden every day but does best with a confident rider who will get his respect.  He has no vices, is an easy keeper and is great with other horses. The reason it has been hard to find a home for him is that he was diagnosed with low grade kissing spines. He does not have back soreness, but does seem to dislike being in an intense program and has been happiest hacking. Groundwork and lunging have been sufficient for keeping him strong, which prevents the kissing spines from causing him problems. He does do best with front shoes but requires no other maintenance. He is a very sweet boy and deserves a wonderful home. Trials will be permitted to appropriate homes 


Please email Ruth at [email protected]


Listed 05/29/21

Cheif is a 14yr, he has kissing spine in 7 to 8 places. The vet who x-rayed him felt he was probably born with it.  We tried Robaxin at his suggestion and it seemed to help at first. But he continued to have periods of explosive bucking. In the year the I rode him he gave me a concussion and broke a couple of ribs. He is absolutely not suitable for riding.  

His general health is excellent and he’s up to date with his teeth and basic shots. 
He’s quiet and keeps to himself,  he hates to be brushed but he likes to have his main and tail done. He’s wonderful with the farrier and vet.  He’s currently bare for and his feet are holding up well. 
He does well with other horses and is a companion to a 27yr gelding right now.  
He is a diva and hates bugs, heat,  rain etc but he gets over it.
Contact: Heather [email protected]


Listed 02/15/21

Cheerio is a 17 year old QH Paint gelding. He has navicular and is not sound for work. He loves everyone, kids, dogs, horses, minis, cows etc. Loves to be groomed and handled. He is barefoot and stays pretty sound without shoes on. I had him in bar shoes and he was lame.  I am really looking for a home for him as a companion horse but he could potentially be used for light ring walking in good footing. He has not been ridden in years- but when he was I put my mother and young kids on him. He is very easy going and an easy keeper. I do not have the space for him because if I did I would keep him.  We are located in Walpole MA.

Contact Molly for more information:

[email protected]


Listed 02/12/21

Great Companion!

Ruby is a 14 Yr Old former lesson pony who has some jumping experience. She is quick and strong so requires a a confident rider but gets quieter when worked regularly. Easy keeper…would make a great companion pony!

Contact Olana at 978-821-1411 


“Rushing Doe” (Doe) and “Renagade Ruby” (Ruby)

Listed 10/30/2021

Offered for Adoption

Rushing Doe” (Doe) and “Renagade Ruby” (Ruby) are 2 beautiful dark bay Thoroughbred mares with lovely dispositions who are retired broodmares.  They are both 17 years old, neither can be ridden but both would be excellent companion horses.  

While not required, ideally they would be adopted together as a pair.  If they are adopted separately, they will need to be turned out next to other horses.  

Although Doe is not an in your pocket type and doesn’t look for attention, she is a sweet heart to handle. 

Ruby is a bit of a prima donna just enough to be very entertaining and engaging but also very easy to handle. 

Neither have any vices.  Both have great ground manners. They are turned out together during the day, but are stalled at nite.  Both have some chronic scratches on their hind ankles that we treat with an antifungal shampoo.  Farrier needs to be careful to avoid touching the scratches when trimming their hind feet. 

Both need some additional maintenance. 

  • Doe has thin soles and requires front shoes. She occasionally gets sore on one or the other front feet as our pasture is rocky in places. We treat her with “Equiox” for a day or 2 and soreness subsides.  Because of a flare up of inflammation of her feet 2 years ago, x-rays were done which did not show any rotation. The vet recommended we treat her with Thyrol- L daily and a low starch grain.   
  • Ruby has an old suspensory injury (left front)and a check ligament injury (right front).  We keep her front legs wrapped for support.  She also has some arthritis in her hocks.  She is maintained on one Equiox tablet  a day and a joint supplement to keep her more comfortable.  She also requires front shoes for support.  Note: Farrier needs to let her rest at times when working on left front as right front is weak.
Please contact Robin: [email protected] or phone 508-359-4755.    

Ginger & Gracie

Listed 8/7/2020

Meet Ginger, age 24 and daughter Gracie, age 16.  These lovely ladies may look familiar as they have been with us in foster care for a year now. We have featured them on our Facebook page more than once.  They came to us for re-homing when their longtime owner passed away and the family was unable to give them the care and attention they needed.  The family respected how important the mares had been to their loved one, and entrusted them to us to keep safe and comfortable for the remainder of their lives. Though serene and happy in their foster home in Falmouth, MA, they will thrive and blossom in a permanent home. 

Both mares are up to date on all vaccinations, trims and worming.

Daughter Gracie is a healthy girl who needs to remain on a low carb diet and mostly off of grass.

Turnout for both should be mainly dry lot.

Mama Ginger has Cushings Disease, which was caught very early and is under control with her daily meds (pergolide).  She will continue to have excellent quality of life and live out a normal lifespan, provided she gets her daily meds and has bloodwork done annually in order to adjust the meds as needed.  She also has some dental issues which cause her to ‘quid’ her hay and she is now on a mostly ‘mush’ diet along with a slow feed hay net to give her some safe chew time.

 NMHC will cover the costs of Ginger’s pergolide and blood testing if necessary, and her adoption donation is being waived. 

Lucky stars have not been shining down on Ginger and Gracie as two adoptions have fallen through for various reasons,

neither of which was the fault of the mares.

Perhaps YOU were meant to be the family they are waiting for. Let’s get those stars aligned!

Adoption Donation for the pair is $300.

For more information and/or to arrange to meet these beautiful ladies, please call or email.

Cindy Broady, Director
Northeast Miniature Horse Club – Rescue
A 501c3 Non-Profit Organization