NEER North
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George and Grady – ADOPTED

BreedStandard Donkeys
DOB2012 & 2004
Adoption FeeTBD
George, 12 years old and Grady, 20 years old, are looking for their forever home. They are two lovely standard donkeys and have been friends for quite some time now and need to stay together.
Grady (grey with dark marks) is very friendly, halters, leads, picks up his feet for the farrier, is good for the vet and loves grooming sessions and scratches.
George (all grey) is a very shy donkey who has had bad experiences in the past. He is still learning to trust humans. He will come up to people to say hello and grab a treat and is in the process of learning to being haltered, but he needs time to completely trust humans.
For that reason we are looking for people with lots of donkey experience who know how to treat a shy donkey like George. He is such a smart donkey, he just needs the right person to give him a chance. 

Please note potential adopters with pre-approved applications on file will get priority on new horses – we strongly recommend you fill out an application to get pre-approved.