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Vinnie (ADOPTION PENDING) & Jibbets – Donkey Geldings

DOB2012 & 2014
Adoption Fee$400
Sometimes life writes the best stories and it surely did with these two.
Jibbets, a 12 year old big standard donkey, came to us with a reputation of being aggressive and non sociable. He formerly had been living with two big drafts but was intimidated by them. His next companion was an older donkey who could not keep up with him. 
After evaluating and working with him we decided to put him in with our other standard donkeys and he did great. He can be a bit pushy but only because he wants to be with his human. He halters, leads, stands for the farrier and vet and has turned into a great friend for another misunderstood soul, Vinnie.
Vinnie is a 14 year old big standard donkey who came to us after being adopted 10 years ago. He had been living with a horse all this time but we decided to put him in with our donkeys. The moment he saw Jibbets he followed him around and stayed by his side. 
And then the magic happened! We had not seen them play before we put them in together. But guess what….they started playing like typical happy donkeys do, carrying jolly balls around, chasing each other and sharing their hay.
Both are so happy now being in the company of another donkey. Vinnie is very sweet, but is not keen on seeing the farrier. We are still working on making him more comfortable with that.
They both are proof that you should not judge a book by it’s cover. They are happy together and bring out the best in each other but they do not need to stay together. They are friends but not bonded. But, they would like to go where they have another donkey friend, where they can continue to play and be true donkeys. They both don’t do well with smaller animals, goats, dogs, mini donkeys, mini ponies and sheep.

We would be so happy if someone finds a place in their heart for these two friends who are just enjoying the company of another donkey.


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