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Bergie – Big Bodied OTTB!

Current assessment and status: Available to home with OTTB experience.   

8/9/2021 UPDATE: Bergie is a stunning and sweet OTTB mare. She may be chestnut, but has none of the chestnut mare stereotypes and loves being groomed, doted on, and is super sweet with other horses as well.

She is a very nice type with superb conformation, retired sound, and as far as we can tell is 100% sound. She retired due to being a bleeder while racing, but this hasn’t affected her here at all and our vet has cleared her for all jobs except upper-level eventing. She has been letting down from the track for almost a year and is well started at the walk/trot and accepting contact and knows leg yield, and displays a nice canter in both directions on the lunge line. She has had a lot of groundwork and lunges very nicely with voice commands, and is cross-tieing well. She is ready to be started at the canter and over small fences, we, unfortunately, do not have the facilities for this which is the only reason she hasn’t progressed further. We are most concerned with finding Bergie the right home for her with experience training an OTTB and plenty of time to keep her in a consistent program.

She has no vices and can live out or stalled (as long as she has plenty of turnout) and is in the middle of the pack with other horses. Bergie is a high-level athlete who loves to work, and at times can be a handful on the ground and under saddle due to being reactive and sensitive to her surroundings (although this is steadily improving), but doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and will give her heart and soul to whoever is willing to put the time in to teach her the ropes.