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Bergie-Big Bodied OTTB!

Current assessment and status: Would consider a home with OTTB experience.   

Bergie is a 6 year old OTTB ( Trufflesberg ) who isn’t your typical redhead mare! She loves attention and being brushed all over, and is very sweet with other horses of all types/ages. Bergie last raced in summer of 2020 and reportedly retired sound after a fairly successful racing career due to a breathing issue. She is clean legged, built really nicely, is a quick-study and brave. That being said, when something does frighten her she can have a big reaction, but is steadily gaining confidence and becoming less reactive. Because of this, we recommend her as a project for an advanced rider working with a professional trainer, or to an adopter with experience restarting OTTBs.  She is eager to learn and wants a job and a person of her own! 

4/14/21 UPDATE:

Regarding Bergie’s breathing issue – we haven’t had any problems and our vet believes it won’t cause her any issues other than for upper level eventing, so she isn’t a prospect for that but is a great prospect for dressage, hunter/jumpers, low level eventing or pleasure riding English or western. 
Also, we wanted to add that she is lunging beautifully both directions, is cross-tie trained, hacking out well with others, going walk/trot under saddle and doing trot poles.