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Smirk – Special Needs – Looking for his Kindred Spirit!

Is Smirk your Kindred Spirit?

Read below for information about Smirk and how you can support his care!*

Choose from a variety of one-time donation options that will keep Smirk healthy and comfortable while he waits for his forever home at NEER North. These funds will sponsor care in the specified area for at least one month.

  • $50 – Keep my feet healthy  (Farrier care)
  • $300 – Feed Me! (Grain & Hay)
  • $575 – Keep me healthy, warm and dry (Shelter maintenance, shavings, veterinary care, medications etc)

Become a NEER North VIP with our Virtual Adoption Program by fully sponsoring Smirk’s care for 1 year or longer and receive a NEER North T-shirt, Equine Plushy resembling your adoptee, photos and information about your chosen Kindred Spirit. Come to visit NEER and learn to groom a horse or donkey! If your equine is on site, you can meet them in person!

Adoption Fee$400
HealthKissing Spine - Requires therapy or retirement

Current assessment and status: Big Handsome TB Gelding that requires therapy or retirement.

My name says it all…I am sleek and handsome, a bit of a rascal they say, and still quite youthful. I LOVE to be pampered and well groomed by my people. I have a habit of making faces when they find the right spot! I can be a ham and I love to play hard with the guys, although I do get nervous and anxious in new situations. My problem is that I have back issues. They call it “Kissing Spine” which I’m told can be helped by injections and therapy. I have no job and cannot work due to back pain so I cannot afford the therapy I need and I have no adoption prospects. My NEER family is over full with needy horses so I am asking for help. Do you or someone you know have back problems? If so, then maybe you are my Kindred Spirit.


*NEER North will make every effort to use funds donated through this page toward Smirk’s care. In the event of adoption, or other unforseen extreme circumstance, NEER North will use funds to support other Equines in need in our care.