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Kindred Spirits

Click on each photo for information and photos to learn about these Kindred Spirits and how you can support them.

Who is your Kindred Spirit?

The special crew of equines below (and one sneaky cat!) need your help.

Do you, a friend, or family member identify with one of these animals as a Kindred Spirit? Maybe their story similar to yours? Maybe they remind you of a loved one?

You can support your Kindred Spirit by choosing from a variety of one-time donation options that will keep them healthy and comfortable while they wait for their forever home at NEER North.

Or, become a NEER North VIP with our Virtual Adoption Program by fully sponsoring an animal’s care for 1 year or longer! You’ll receive a NEER North T-shirt, Equine Plushy resembling your adoptee, photos and information about your chosen Kindred Spirit. Come to visit NEER and learn to groom a horse or donkey. If your equine is on site, you can meet them in person!

More information about how you can help your Kindred Spirit is included on each animal’s profile page below.