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Joaquin and Eddie – Donkey Pair – Adopted!

ColorGrey / Brown
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Current Status: Under Evaluation/In Training

Joaquin is a 1 1/2 year old grey standard donkey. Despite his young age he already accepts a halter, will lead and pick up all 4 feet without a problem. He is very playful, curious and just a sweetheart with no mean bone in his body. 
Eddie, the other part of the pair is a 3 1/2 year old brown standard donkey who is a bit timid but will show you lots of affection once he knows you. He also accepts the halter without any problems, picks up all 4 feet, but needs a bit more encouragement than Joaquin. 
They will be adopted as a pair but they really compliment each other, one being the curious, exploring part the other the thoughtful and calmer one. 
Both are real sweethearts and will give you lots of love and affection once they get to know you.