NEER North
52 Ash Street, West Newbury, MA 01985

Tanka – Sanctuary

BreedQuarter Horse Type

Tanka is a sweet 15 year old QH type gentleman. He has some sight problems with partial blindness (large cataract on his right eye 90% blind & small cataract on his left). 

Tanka is very kind and prefers when you announce yourself as you approach. Once he knows you’re there you can’t get rid of him as he will happily leave his hay to follow you around to get scratches and love. 🥰
Tanka is a reliable, sweet old man who takes things at his own pace. He really believes in taking his sweet time! We are obliging him by taking things slow to accommodate his blindness in his right eye. He passed his groundwork evaluation with flying colors and is ready to move on to showing us what he knows under saddle!

Tanka is currently located off-site in sanctuary where he enjoys turnout and walks with his pals.