NEER North
52 Ash Street, West Newbury, MA 01985

Lakota – Special Needs- Adopted!

BreedAmerican Paint
ColorBlack & White
Adoption FeeTBD
Registered NameYou Missed Me
HealthHeaves - Managed with medication when needed

Current assessment and status:  Diagnosed with heaves and is best suited as a companion only

I’ve lived a long and happy life. In my day I was considered to be quite dashing as a Registered Paint Horse. Now that I am elderly, I have trouble keeping weight on my old bones and my vet says I have a disease that is a little like COPD or asthma. In horses they call it “heaves”. I have my good days and bad but if I have the right medication to ease my breathing, I’m much happier. I came to NEER North because my former owner couldn’t afford to keep me and I had nowhere to go. I am now retired at a foster home but I still need my NEER family to pay for my care in my old age. I have another old man with me to keep me company and I have a safe and comfortable place to live with a large pasture to graze in. My hope is that someone will care enough to help me afford my medication and vet visits so that I can be comfortable in my retirement. Perhaps you know what it’s like to have breathing issue? I’d love to run through my pasture, to breath deeply and to live out my days peacefully. Are you my Kindred Spirit?