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Honey- Icelandic Gelding- Adopted!

Height14.1 HH
DOB 1993
Adoption Fee$600

Current assessment and status: Currently with a foster home.

Honey is a very sweet older gelding. He is good in the ring and on the longeline and very kind and safe even around complete beginners.  He seems to legitimately like kids.  He has a mild form of Cushings – mostly he is just fuzzy.  He is on Prascend for it, but still gets body clipped spring-fall.  Barefoot, good feet.  He will occasionally look at things that would be scary to most horses, but the most he does to avoid things is back up or strongly suggest a different direction.  I’ve seen him slow down and scoot back under my beginner 10 year old when she was sliding off at the trot.  He’s best with walk-trot in the ring – his leads can be inconsistent.  He loves being groomed,  and he has a beautiful luxurious tail that is perfect for being braided by small people.  
UTD on shots/Coggins & Feet