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Bentley ~ Adopted!

Adoption FeeTBD - Under Evaluation for Soundness
LocationLocal Foster Layup

Am I your Kindred Spirit Horse?

No Jumping Clause

I was once considered to be a valuable athlete. I gave with my heart and soul to jump fences for my rider and win them ribbons. When I got hurt, I never fully healed with my busy show schedule and now I am taking some time off to rest and feel better. I cannot do what I did best when I was younger but I have so much more to live for…even if I can no longer jump. I want to have a field to run and play in with my friends and to explore beaches and trails with my forever person. If my vet says it’s ok for me to be ridden, I might even like to try and win a ribbon or two on the flat if someone could give me extra some time.  
I don’t like to be alone and I love a pretty girl at my side. I am a character and I like to test the limits with my friends and my people…I think it’s funny to get a reaction out of them 🙂 They say I need someone with plenty of experience to help me be my best self.  My injury does not define me and I have many more years of life to live. Take a chance on me…you won’t regret it.