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Tom Cat – NEER North Ambassador – Looking for his Kindred Spirit

BreedDomestic Short Hair
DOBI'm ageless
Adoption FeeI'm not available for adoption - I'm too busy running this place!

You all know me as the “lovable” (if you believe that I have a bridge for sale) barn cat who rules NEER North. My story wasn’t always so happy though. When I was a youngin’ my totally lovable attitude didn’t really jive with my first family. Actually they hated me. They sent me back after I made it clear I wasn’t in love with them either. My time was running short (we all know what that means), and along came Mary Martin and and my captors knew she wouldn’t be able to resist my charm, so I started my life at NEER North.

I have certainly done my job 110% over the years, first ridding the River Rd location of all vermin and giving the barn swallows a run for their money, as well as putting up with the two dogs who constantly pushed my buttons. Did anyone recognize me for the efforts? No! I was expected to toil away while all the horses were pampered and loved on.

Now my job continues at the Ash St barn and one would think they would be singing my praises from the top of the loft but no…again, I’m ignored. They have no idea of the work involved! The mice had really been having a party while this place was empty and it took all my efforts to get things under control. Establishing my reputation with the local rodent and bird population has been exhausting and taking it’s toll.

Vigilant patrols of the NEER North property require keeping my energy up so I consume more than the average house cat. Add that to the costs of my recent hospitalization from an injury sustained on the job, with no workers comp…and well, my living expenses are adding up. I’m not getting any younger and there are no 401k plans for barn cats. At some point I will need to retire and I’m VERY concerned Mary will not be able to keep me in the style I’m accustomed to. I hope you’ll consider sponsoring my retirement or at least helping keep cat food on my plate.