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Prissy – Special Needs- Looking for her Kindred Spirit or forever home

Current assessment and status: Very sweet, a little timid. Beginner-intermediate rider. Rides with or without a bit.

As a young mare, I was an athlete who raced…I could trot faster than the wind and still can! They say I have a mild and sweet personality. I love to take my rider for walks in the woods. Once I choked on a loose tooth that I accidentally swallowed which created scarring in my throat. My missing back teeth along with my now narrow esophagus make me prone to choking. Now they call me a “soup eater” as I must have my food soaked until it’s mush and I cannot have regular hay (chopped or Dengi is OK) or treats. Not to worry…I am eternally optimistic due to the fact that I can still graze like a normal horse, but it’s been challenging to find my forever home. I am comfortable at my foster location where I can graze in a large pasture but my NEER family must absorb the costs of my food and care. Perhaps my Kindred Spirit person would help?