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Mabel – Special Needs – Looking for her Kindred Spirit

Adoption FeeMabel is our beloved mascot and is not available for adoption. 

Current assessment and status: NEER Mascot!

My NEER family loves me dearly and used to bring me along as their ambassador at events and open houses. I am considered to be a kind soul but I am strong when I am feeling well. I know when it’s dinner time and so do the neighbors! I have my own following and even cards made that can be purchased called “Smart Ass Cards” which benefit my NEER family. I have frequently been the subject of an artist’s sketches, photography and paintings to raise funds for NEER. I feel like I’ve contributed to my NEER Family but still…I have painful issues with my feet that could be the death of me. I’ve foundered severely and have a difficult time in the winter and I need special shoes that can be expensive. Mary and the NEER volunteers often worry about me. They might worry less if I had the support of my Kindred Spirit person. Could that be you or someone you know?