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Diamond – Special Needs

Adoption FeeFoster or $300 for adoption
Registered Name
HealthArthritis in right front fetlock

Current assessment and status:  Arthritic in front 

My story is a long one… I was intercepted in poor condition by a rescue, and then adopted by a farmer. Once I was feeling better, I was adopted by a little girl. A perfect combo. Like my name, I sparkled and shined as I basked in the love of this little girl….a love that never dimmed, that never lost its luster and continued for years.

Due to family crisis, my little girl had to give me up and I found myself in need several times over the years. I was sold when I was not supposed to be, used as a school horse and they attempted to breed me but I lost my babies. While I was going through this, they told my little girl I was at a retirement facility in Maine when in fact I was not….meanwhile my little girl with the help of this fellow rescue were looking for me. Well…they found me in a bad situation and reached out to my NEER family to see if they could help.

In the below video, my little girl was told by her mom that she was transporting a rescue horse – she had no idea it was me. Her tears falling, sadly she could not keep me but was comforted to know that today my hero’s are my friends at NEER….they didn’t just save me, they have committed to KEEPING me safe. This is LIFE CHANGING for me, I will never ever lose my shine again!