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Cowgirl- NEEDS Experienced, Confident Rider

Current assessment and status: Ready for an experienced, confident rider!

Cowgirl is a big stocky pinto/paint (no papers) mare who is pleasure sound who is quite herd bound. She arrived at NEER and at Abenaki with Splash, her pony sidekick. We were able to separate them, and worked hard on being able to take her away from him in order to work on things. That, in itself, was quite challenging and took quite a while. After Splash left the farm, Cowgirl made friends with Aprill (another NEER horse), and became herd bound to her. We can take any one of the three away from each other, now, without too much of a fuss. Although, they will call out to each other. It takes a while to get her focus, but she will come into it. She is high energy and very, very green under saddle. When she gets confused, she bunches up and wants to back up sometimes pretty quickly. If she doesn’t go forward when we ask and/or back up , we usually turn her to the side and she comes out of it. She self-collects nicely but needs work relaxing under saddle and moving freely. We have been working mostly at the walk just getting her to relax going forward. She can get anxious with the farrier but with quiet and patience she does fine. She is barefoot and is not lame. We have tacked her up English and Western and ride her in a French link bit with little contact. Cowgirl is coming along nicely at getting more quiet at the trot.