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Charlie- Adoption Pending

Age11 (2007)
Adoption Fee$1,000

Current assessment and status: Available 

Charlie is well mannered and is well behaved on the cross ties, for grooming, vet and farrier. He gets a bit excited by the mares and can be distracted by them while riding but comes right back to reality with some ground work, yielding and flexing. Lunging him first works well too. He has a big sweeping stride at the trot but needs some work on his canter as he reverts to 4 beat when he gets tired. We feel that conditioning will definately help as he gains more strength through his back. We hear that he loves to jump and is fearless even over water jumps. We have just begun to work with him over low fences and poles and can see that he enjoys it. We feel that he has some great potential and will make a great hunter, cross country or trail companion for an intermediate or advanced rider.